VS2019 File->New->Webiste missing

Hi, Sorry I have to bring this back up from 2016 as I’m back after 4 years of hiatus.
Just installed VS 2019 and latest Oxygene.

I don’t see option for Web Site under File - New. From 2016 thread, I checked templates and they seem to be missing - see photo.

Shouldn’t I be able to create a project via New Website on IIS?
I used to do this with VS2010 and older Oxygene versions.

Please let me know of any recommendations or help.


I believe VS2017/2019 only support web projects, not loose websites. But I’ll check with the VS team to make sure…

It seems like 2017 and 2019 only offer web projects to be ran from file systems – no option for choosing location on IIS Virtual Directory/Application as far as I can tell.

Please let me know if I’m wrong.

VS 2015 does offer the Create Web Site but something is wrong with mine as Web Location Drop Down Box is initially empty for Oxygene Template.

However, If I select C# or Basic the dropdown populates, then I can go back to Oxygene and OK then. Easy work around.

I’ve always used IIS as location for production of websites but maybe the file system location is just as well.

My thinking back then was that since the site would be published and ran on IIS that using local IIS for production was a good idea?

Also though I can get VS2015 to create new Web Application on IIS, when I chose Oxygene, there are no Frameworks available.

Does 2017 or 2019 show trains option for Visual C# or Visual Basic.NET?

That does sound like a bug, but as we’re going to phase out support for Visual Studio 2015 soon, I don’t think I make sense for us to look at addressing this, at this stage.


Both VS 2017 and 2019 don’t show any other options for Visual C# or Visual Basic.NET

OK on 2015, I won’t plan on using it.


Ok, thats what I thought. that means that model for a ASP.NET website project has been phased our by MS and is no longer being supported, I’m afraid (it’d a shame, because I prefer it too, myself).

OK –

But I should still be able to create a new Project = ASP.NET Classic Web Application with VS 2019 using file system, right?

I will try later.

Thank you



Hmm. probably yeah. What kind of project is this, via what menu/template was this created?