Vs2019 Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsPostCompileEchoes failed with exception Value cannot be null

–Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 (version 16.8)
–RemObjects Elements with Water -

Error on compiler:
Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsPostCompileEchoes failed with exception Value cannot be null.
Parameter name aFileName

Using RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.targets.

If use RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.Legacy.targets, compiler ok, but I would like to use EBuild

All references are informed with full path

Project referenced in orden

Aplication .net desktop


thanks for this report. Does this happen with a specific project or with any project you try to compile? Suffice to say, we don’t see this here with any given project (or else that bug wouldn’t have shipped), so a test case would help narrow this down.

Can you send us the project and/or try to build it from the command lawn with

ebuild /path/to/your/project.elements --debug --rebuild

and send us the full build log?


PegasusServer.rar (4.7 MB)
Some projects only.
Was this file?

You attachment just contains PegasusServer.pdb, I cant do anything with that, I’m afraid.

Saída-Compilação.txt (438.2 KB)
This one?

That’s the log file, but it doesn’t have the information I need :(.

Can you build from the command line by running

ebuild /path/to/your/project.elements --debug --rebuild

and send me the full log outout from that, or better yet, can you send me the project that shows this? Also, does this issue persist if you update to the latest, build 2597?


2597 did not fix the bug.
it’s a big project, let’s try it first by sending the log.

LOG.TXT (267.4 KB)

Affter install 2597 all projects not open in Visual Studio, msg=incompatible.

What exactly happens when you open them?

Found the problem, I think. Even though I cannot reproduce it here locally, I know where it fails and have proofed that code for there next version.

Workaround: does your project have any files with a build action of None that are missing on disk? If so, removing them from the project (or making sure the file exists) should work around the bug.

I did dowgrade, but it didn’t solve it, I will restart the PC

Interesting; that almost looks as if Elements isn’t (properly) installed into Visual Studio.

when the next version will be published

Friday, but if you want I can send you an interim build later today or early tomorrow.


I’m re-installing to try to resolve the “icompatible error”

I located the file, it was a Web Reference.

I have other problems that I will put in separate topics.


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Thanx, I’ll be on the lookout!

Hello. Could you please try to remove next folder C:\Users<YourUser>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\16.0_4ceabaed\ComponentModelCache Then try to restart VS again.
If removing didn’t help, please open ActivityLog.xml file (C:\Users<YourUser>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\16.0_4ceabaed) and check if there are any errors.
Best regards.

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