VS2019 - Windows Forms designer support for WinForms in .NET Core?

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are there plans to support the Windows Forms designer for .NET Core in Visual Studio 2019?

Or IS it supported and doesn’t work for me only?

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(If i start a Microsoft C#-Project, i am able to use the designer, lacking the required license i can’t test with RemObjects C# - i’m using Oxygene only.)

There are plans, but right now, this is a restriction from Microsoft’s side. As I understand, even for VC#, there WinForms designer is “limited”; and it’s not currently available for other languages such as ours to use.

The more things change, the more they stay the same :(. This feels like back in 2005 when we had to go visit Microsoft in Redmond to work with them on making the classic .NET form designer compatible…


Thanks for your answer.

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Any news regarding this?

You’d have to ask Microsoft :(. IOW, we’ll have too see what the (now announced) Visual Studio 2022 will bring…