VS2022, Elements, DevExpress, WinForm : Components cannot be dropped onto a form without VS hanging

We’re running into a significant problem migrating to a combination of VS 2022, Elements ( and DevExpress components 23.2.3.

On two separate machines (one Win 10, one Win 11) we see the same showstopper issue, namely not being able to drop components onto a form and not have VS hang.

I’ve attached a video showing the process.
1). Clean install of VS 2022, DevExpress and Elements.
2). Create new .NET framework elements application
3). Drop a DevExpress panel onto the form. This is the first issue. The first time a component is dropped onto a form, it does NOT add the component, it only seems to add the references to the dlls. The second time you add the component, it appears.
4). If we add the BarManager component to the form, this behaves the same as point 3) i.e. needs two drops to get it to appear. However at this point, VS is compromised. You cannot “save all” and you cannot close the application - the error dialog when trying to “X” out of VS.

All of the above is not a problem when repeated with a standard Microsoft C# project i.e. it all works as expected.

Oddly on both machines, the behaviour varies slightly depending on whether the above is performed on the primary or a secondary display. The end result is the same, but an error is reached earlier when using the secondary display. As I say, this is consistent across two different machines. Quite odd in itself.

I’m going to investigate what happens in VS 2019 with the latest Elements and DevExpress as that is our current production environment. If the current Elements still has the same problem in that environment, then its an even bigger problem for us. Hoping you can help !

Update : I’ve performed a clean VS 2019 install with the latest Elements and DevExpress. The initial issue is still there i.e. it takes two drags of a component to get it onto a form, but the subsequent hang / crash of VS is not.

Does this hap[pen only with DevExpress, or also with standard components? Is this WInForms or WPF?

Very odd, indeed.

Hi Marc,

It’s a WinForm environment and it does repeat with non DevExpress components. Here’s a sequence of screenshots.

1). Start with a new .NET Framework 4.8 application

2). Drag on a component that needs a new referenced DLL adding to the project. In this case “Chart”. Note once a DLL is referenced, it seems any components available in the DLL will drop onto a form first time.

3). No Chart component appears on the form after the drag and drop.

  1. But you can see that the DLL has been added to the references.

5). Finally, drag on the chart again and you get a chart.

As I say, in VS 2019, you seem to “get away” with it and it doesn’t result in a hang. In VS 2022, my non informed assumption would be that the above is causing a knock effect and the subsequent hang. I’ve not persisted long enough to see if I could find a standard component or combination that would cause the hang, but then we don’t use that many standard components - pretty much exclusively the DevExpress ones.

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Thanx, the should help reproduce and fix this issue.

Logged as bugs://E26873.


We were able to reproduce the issue partly - adding component on the form from the second drop only. This was fixed.
Could you retest with the next build please and let us know if components are added on form as expected or you still have a hang?

Best regards