WACK Error: Hydra DLLs are built in debug mode

The Windows App Certification Kit (WACK), used for certifying apps for the Windows 10 Store, denies a test Delphi app that I have which uses Hydra, stating the following:

Debug configuration
· Error Found: The debug configuration test detected the following errors:
o The binary RemObjects.Hydra.dll is built in debug mode.
o The binary RemObjects.Hydra.WPF.dll is built in debug mode.
· Impact if not fixed: Windows Store doesn’t allow a debug version of an app.

I have another app with Hydra 4 DLLs which didn’t have this issue. Can this be resolved?

Thanks, logged as bugs://78470


Thank you for the report.
Assemblies are built in Release mode (ie with all optimizations etc), yet they are mistakenly marked as Debug ones. The appropriate issue has been logged to fix this compiler behavior. Unfortunately there is no workaround possible (except of downgrading to Hydra 4)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks for looking into this. So that I’m clear, when you say that “they are mistakenly marked,” do you mean that WACK mistakenly marks them as Debug when they are actually Release? Or, is it that your IDE/compiler creates a Debug mode DLL even though you want it to create a Release one?

It turns out that this particular “debug mode” test is not a showstopper for getting an app into the Windows Store. The FAILED “Debug configuration test” is within the optional tests section of WACK results reporting:

Results for optional tests
The tests in this section are informational only and will not be used to evaluate your app during Windows Store onboarding. Investigating failures is recommended to ensure that users will not be impacted.

However, it still would be nice to have a fix for this in a future update, since it’s possible that this test may not be an optional in the future.

It seems that the compiler adds the DebuggableAttribute to the assembly being compiled with flags combination that makes WACK think that this is a Debug-built assembly. This issue will be looked upon and then once confirmed I’ll fix the issue 78470 I logged for Hydra. You’ll get notification in this thread once this happens.

Thanks for the clarification. I heard back from Microsoft support, and the WACK’s “optional tests,” which include the “Debug configuration” test, are required to pass as of the beginning of this month. Therefore, this is high priority for us since it’s stopping us from getting into the Windows Store. We don’t want to revert back to Hydra 4 if possible.


Please send a mail to support@ with your username on the remobjects.com site. We’ll provide you a preliminary Beta build of Hydra.


I confirmed that this issue is fixed in the beta–the Hydra 5 DLLs are not flagged in WACK “optional tests” anymore. Thank you for getting this to us so quickly.

bugs://78470 got closed with status fixed.