Warning when using TDARemoteDataAdapter.Create(Self);

After migrating from RO/DA to we get warning
W1020 constructing instance of TDARemoteDataAdapter containing abstract method TDARemoteDataAdapter.InternalExecuteCommand when constructing

Is there some documentation on this API change?
Is this a bug in RO?
If not, how should we change our code?


check uDARemoteDataAdapter.pas at line 118, it contains

    function InternalExecuteCommand(aCommandName: string; aInputParameters: DataParameterArray;out aOutputParameters: DataParameterArray): Integer; override;

and implementation at 1331 line:

function TDARemoteDataAdapter.InternalExecuteCommand(aCommandName: string;
  aInputParameters: DataParameterArray;
  out aOutputParameters: DataParameterArray): Integer;

edit: pls check size of uDARemoteDataAdapter.pas. it should be 70250 bytes. if you have another size, you may need to reinstall .1489.

Hello Evgeny,

This was my mistake, we have a custom uDARemoteDataAdapter.pas because we need to change some code for our legacy DA3 sources.
I did not merged the new uDARemoteDataAdapter.pas yet so that was the reason of the error.


why you can’t use TDARemoteDataAdapter descendant or TDARemoteDataAdapter helper?
in this code you don’t need to modify uDARemoteDataAdapter.pas …