Wasm lld error: unknown argument: -no-entry

Using the latest stable release Version
Creating a new wasm module project and building fails with error :
lld: error: unknown argument: -no-entry

lld command line: -flavor wasm @

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\RemObjects Software\\Elements\\References\\Island\\WebAssembly\\wasm32\\Elements.a"
"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\RemObjects Software\\Elements\\References\\Island\\WebAssembly\\wasm32\\gc.a"
"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\RemObjects Software\\Elements\\References\\Island\\WebAssembly\\wasm32\\Island.a"


Oops. We did upgrade to a new version of lld this week, and it seems it no longer supports that flag. ironically if I drop it, I get:

lld: error: entry symbol not defined (pass --no-entry to suppress): _start


I’ll log an issue for investigation; workaround: grab the Zip distro for 2775 (or, to be save maybe another week or two back) and copy lld.exe from it to where the log says its being run from.

Logged as bugs://E26192.

bugs://E26192 was closed as fixed.

Looks like they just renamed the flag from -no-entry to --no-entry. Fixed for vNext.

Thanks. We’ve waited for a long time (mostly due to bugs://E26127) for a stable version with a working wasm compiler. Is it possible to get a new full build (which can be a private download) tomorrow? We are on Windows (no distro).

Sure, probably even today.

the Mac and Linux zip distro contains the binaries for Windows, too, so you can grab lld.exe from that one, if you don’t want to wait for me to have a new build ready for you.

I need it for tomorrow, no hurry. Having a setup is easier for us to install on different machines and manage version archives.

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Up. note that i’m getting an (unrelated) linker warning on WebAssemnly, which i’m not sure if it will be a convenor not (logged).

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