Water .2293 Type Tree not updated


(Michael Thuma) #1

Tree ‘All Types in *.sln’ is not updated until solution is closed and opened again.

Steps to reproduce:
Just add a method to a class or remove an existing declaration from a classes interface section.

No big issue.

Question: If a class is completed is it by design that the cursor does not jump to the method body just inserted. There might be good reason not to do so I can think of.

(marc hoffman) #2

Known issue I believe, yeah. sorry about that.

Its mainly that there’s no one definitive place to jump. You might have been completing several methods, in both directions. Also, you might. not always want to go to the generated stub — maybe you wanna keep adding more headers, first. The current behavior makes it deliberate, you can always jump yourself, right after IMHO thats better?

(Michael Thuma) #3

Marc. No problem at all. I just write down what I experience and observe.

I have a VS 2017 installed and Oxygene works.

Just wanted to know if that’s by design. There are simple cases like defining a bunch of method signatures, completing a class and defining a few afterwards in which jumping to implementation section would not be very welcome. Agreed.

(marc hoffman) #4

Not by design, just something that hasn’t been hooked up yet. :wink: