Water and VS2019 Mercury Code Completion Issue


I have seen this issue consistently in both VS2019 and Water for ASP.NET Core Mercury projects.

Code Completion does not work properly when adding an “Imports…” line, as it does not show Imports in the list. Here is an example:


Also Code Completion related…it would be nice if Code Completion supported Attribute names without the “Attribute” suffix:

It consistently only shows attributes with the full “*Attribute” names in both Water and VS2019.



Logged as bugs://E25743 for “Imports”

Logged as bugs://E25744 for Attributes.

it also doesnt seem to filter down to ONLY show attributes, does it? that’s probably the main culprit. in Oxygene it does that (and does drop the suffix):

either way, logged.

Actually, that one is as designed. this class is called “RequriedAttributeAttribute” ;). That said, this report did show a related bug where the suffix did not get stripped, but which oddly only shows in Fire/Water, when invoking CC right after the <, so i’m keeping the issue open for that one.

bugs://E25744 was closed as fixed.

bugs://E25743 was closed as fixed.