Water: bugs adding watches

  1. The keyboard shortcut for “add watch from selection” is broken as of .2373. It should be “CTRL + ALT + W” but now displays as “CTRL + SHIFT” which does nothing.

  2. When adding a watch, the text entry box does not gain focus automatically as expected. Also, pressing Enter adds the watch as “new_watch” even after changing the entry box text.

Incidentally, it would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for “add watch” and “clear watches” as these are actions I do constantly since I’m still experiencing the crash issue while inspecting Locals.

Also, I’m not sure if this is an issue with Watches or Locals, but I am unable to inspect any class members in watches (or locals). I always get “self not available.” Inspecting Watches on method variables works as expected.

first part i’ll fix for tomorrow (parts already are). for the evals, i’ll need a concrete test case, that’s a debug engine problem…

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Fixed. Shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+W now, coz Ctrl+Alt cant be used on international keyboards :frowning:

Fixed; it focuses and pre-selects the text now.

Already fixed that earlier (workaround: click the button instead of pressing Enter).


Thanks for the fixes!

I assume you’re trolling me with this… if so, nice :slight_smile: if not, it would be nice to be able to press enter :wink:

I’m not. that works now, in the build you have. Enter works in the next build.

The problem is that pressing enter inside the edit box, as we learned this week, does not update WPF Bindings before executing the OnClick handler, so the changed value gets lost. Stupid yes.

clicking the button (or pressing tab) changes focus, and updates the binding.

Ah I see. I didn’t realize you were saying that Enter works in the next build. Thanks for the fixes!

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All good for you in 2375?

Yes, looks good. Thanks.

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