Water Bugs

I come across some potential bugs in the Water IDE

  1. When typing a long line past the edge of the editor, the editor doesn’t scroll to keep the cursor in view (can’t see what you are typing). Hitting the space key does, however, scroll the editor and bring the cursor back into view.

  2. When highlighting a long line with the mouse, the line won’t automatically scroll to the right when the mouse pointer moves past the edge of the editor window. Using the keyboard works as expected.

  3. If you move to the bottom of the editor screen and start hitting enter, the editor does not scroll down to keep the cursor in view.

  4. In the for keyboard shortcuts documentation (https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Fire/KeyboardShortcuts/#q=shortcuts) it has Ctrl-F for ‘Clear the active search term, close the search pane, if visible’. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F seems to be the key combo that does this (a shorter combination for this would be nice).

  5. Insert key does not toggle insert/overwrite modes

Thanks, logged as bugs://81275 — for 1 thru 3


There’s only so many key combos, and even fewer on Windows than on Mac :(.

As designed, for now, but I’ll log a long term feature request to support “overwrite mode”.

Thanks, logged as bugs://81276 — for #5

Found a really minor one in the editor.

If you use @ in front of a string and want to embed a quote, you can double them up.


string myString = @"This ""qutoes"" the word";

The syntax coloring (green on my system) gets confused by this.

Like I said… really really minor nit-picky thing.

Ah curious. I wasn’t aware of that C# syntax. I thought @ strings where literal all the way.

Will log and fix

Thanks, logged as bugs://81308

That syntax is handy when you want to use a multiline string, but have quotes in it. You can’t do that with just a quoted or a $ quoted string.

Great example is a PostgreSQL query (in PostgreSQL quotes are used to surround object identifiers, like [] are used in MS SQL Server)

qry = @“SELECT * FROM ““MyTable””
Where (”“FirstName”" = ‘chris’)
OrderBy ““LastName”” ASC;";

While I’m nit-picking, here is another tiny one:

Comments still bold reserved words.


// only do this if result is true

Yeah, been long on my list, finally fixed that now :wink:

You are fast!

Is Debug->Add Breakpoint on Current Line F9 supposed to be greyed out? Maybe not implemented yet?

Hm, no, that should work. I’ll check… Clicking there gutter works, I assume?

Yes, gutter works fine. Just getting lazy and noticed the F9 hotkey in the menu, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

Thanks, logged as bugs://81319

bugs://81319 got closed with status fixed.

Water Build .2343:

Typing past edge of screen confirmed as fixed :slight_smile:

Using the mouse to highlight a line that goes past the edge of the editor, still isn’t scrolling to keep the mouse cursor in view.

If the Debug Pane is visible and you move to the last visible line, and start hitting enter, the editor doesn’t scroll to keep the cursor in view.

If the Debug Pane is not showing, and there is already text below where the cursor is and you start hitting enter, it works as expected. However if you are at the very last line of the text, the cursor won’t be kept in view if you hit enter a bunch of times. This last scenario is a little hit or miss. Sometimes it scrolls, and sometimes it doesn’t… weird.

Oh, yeah, one more little inconvenience - When you choose to add a new folder to the project, you don’t get to name it. It is always named “New Folder”, which wouldn’t be a big deal if there was a ‘Rename’ option (hint hint).

bugs://81308 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://81275 got closed with status fixed.