Water: can't select multiple words with double-click

If I double-click on a word, it selects it, but, as soon as I move the mouse, the selection starts at the point where I first clicked and no more selects whole words.

Can you elaborate or show me a video of what exactly you are trying to do?

Do you want to double-click a second word, in a different location, to extend the selection? that’s not a behavior see elsewhere. I just checked, and Fire/Water behaves just like, for example, the text field I’m typing in now, for this reply.

If I want to select “Value.ToString” in Visual Studio, I can double-click on “Value” and move the mouse over “ToString”, both words are selected.
In Water, I have to click just before the “V” in value and move to just after the “g” in “ToString”. That’s needs more precision and takes longer.

Notepad++ has also this functionality.

how do you “move the cursor”?

As said, I move the mouse

Ok, nothing happens (or should happen) if I just “move the mouse” w/o a depressed button. That just moves the mouse cursor around the screen w/o affecting the selection. The mouse action is done after the double-click and there’s no active “drag”, so moving the mouse does (and should do) nothing to the editor. Do you click somewhere else, a second time? Do you click-and-drag?

  1. Double-click on a word and leave the button down.
  2. Move the mouse.

For a video, I need to take my hand and my mouse at the same time as I show the screen :slight_smile:

Gotcha. Didn’t realize thats a thing people do. to me “click” implies press and let go, and double-click implies doing that twice in a row, quick. I’ll log a (low priority, tbh) feature request.

Thanks, logged as bugs://81033

Not too low priority, I hope. :grinning:

Double-click-and-hold, followed by dragging the mouse, is a fairly standard behaviour in Windows programs (even Notepad does it), normally referred to as “select by word”. It is in contrast with single-click-and-hold, followed by drag, which is “select by character”.

Both have their place - but I find “select by word” to be extremely useful when writing software.

I’m surprised you aren’t familiar with it, marc - perhaps “select by word” isn’t a thing in the Mac world? Also, it’s more important to people like me, who prefer mouse navigation than keyboard shortcut navigation.

Being able to double-click-and-hold anywhere in ‘Value’ and then drag to the right to select ‘.ToString’ as well is much, much faster than clicking precisely to the left of ‘V’ and dragging precisely to the right of ‘g’.

Incidentally, to make it work right, you need to consider the ‘.’ as a separate word, so as you drag to the right, the selection goes:


Honestly, marc - try it in Notepad++. You’ll be impressed!

it’s on the long list, yes :wink: