Water / Connect to Remoting SDK Server / SSL - supported?

(Chris) #1

In Water -> Tools -> Remoting SDK & Data Abstract -> Connect to Remoting SDK Server -> Server URL or RODL File

Does this support https (ssl) ?

I am using an SSL certificate on the RO Server, and in a browser on the same computer as Water I can go to https://mydomain:8099/bin and I get the proper XML returned, but when I try the same address in Water it doesn’t work.

It all works fine with UseTLS = false and using http://

(marc hoffman) #2

It should work, but it might it support self-signed certificates (ie not trusted by the core system), yet. I’ll have a look. What error do you get?

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://81221

(Chris) #4

I’m not using a self-signed certificate. I’m using a ‘real’ SSL certificiate with:

server.NetworkServer.CertificateFileName = “path to my pfx/p12 file”;

The URL I’m using for the SSL (https) connection actually resolves back to my dev machine, so it is all configured to work like a live setup would. Tests from a browser work fine.

I don’t get an error. After hitting the ‘Connect to Server’ button it just sits at ‘Checking RODL…’ forever.

(marc hoffman) #5

Hmm. The same URL works fine in Chrome or Edge or Internet Explorer, without any certificate errors or prompts? I can not reproduce that, it imports fine for me.

However, I CAN reproduce that if there is any error, this doesn’t always get shown in the UI properly (fixed for next weeks beta; as a workaround, try attaching a debugger (a second Water instanced, or VS, to Water to see if there’s any exception).


(Chris) #6

Well embarrassingly, after a reboot, and no changes, it is now working. I think I may have wasted your time.


As a side note, I have been noticing some really minor things in Water. Most don’t qualify as bugs, but more like annoyances. For example, minor documentation errors, IDE GUI inconsistencies, minor functionality omissions, etc. Starting a ticket for each one would be really annoying for everyone involved. What is the best way to pass along these types of findings?

(marc hoffman) #7

Glad to hear!

naa. for one, it’s what I’m here for. for another, the above fix I made is still important to have.

Whatever works for you. You can start a new thread here and list them all, either on one, or in groups of related stuff. The feedback will be much appreciated!