Water Error: Access to path denied


AFAISee: I get an access-deny when I compile, here the sample-code:
Handmadehero.zip (269.3 KB)

PS: Version is .2251

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Here a pic in windows 10 amd x64:

The interessting point is, when I restart the computer and build again my .sln then it works fine UNTIL I add a new code-line, then it fails again :open_mouth:

what’s the exact file thats the access is being denied to? hard to tell, with the important stuff being cut off in the screenshot…

The exact file is the.exe file in the bin directory

Hmm, is this with .2251? I gather this is an Island/Windows app. does the exe only get locked after you run/debug?

After i debug it got locked, so that i cant debug twice

Thanks, logged as bugs://79549

bugs://79549 got closed with status fixed.