Water has "Unexpected Problem"?

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at RemObjects.Fire.CodeEditor.FCECanvasCodeSnippet.insertTypedString(String characters)
at RemObjects.Fire.CodeEditor.FCECanvasCodeSnippet.afterAcceptCodeCompletion(Int32 pos, Int32 selectionLength, String typedString)
at RemObjects.Fire.CodeEditor.FCECanvasCodeSnippet.<>c__DisplayClass16.b__0(IFCECodeCompletionResult result, FCECodeEditorSmartsFeedback feedback)
at RemObjects.Fire.ProjectSystem.TextFile.<>c__DisplayClass19.b__3()

When you pick a cc selection no double-clicking it? Anywhere or In a. Specific case only


I am not sure I understand your question correctly.

I did double-clicked the CC selection. And it is anywhere, NOT a specific case only.

Anyway, I reported here just in case it is a bug. I don’t use Water extensively, except for fast/small project creation.

Confirmed and fixed, thanx.