Water, how to build just one project (and it references)

(joseasl) #1

I suppose there is a way but I don’t know how can I build only one project in Water.
I have a solution with a lot projects, but I want to build them in a certain order, one by one.
When I try to build in Water, it builds the whole solution.
I see there is an option to “Enable only this project” but if I use that, and try to rebuild, it only rebuilds that exact project, but not the projects referenced by it, recursively.


(JohnMoshakis) #2

How did you add the references ?

(joseasl) #3

I added them in Visual Studio. I think in Fire/Water you add them by dragging one project over another, but not sure if it is implemented yet.

(marc hoffman) #4

Right now “Build” will build all (enabled) projects; “Run” will only build the active project and its dependencies. I’m not sure I want to add a third option, but what I could do is add an “Enable only this project and dependencies” menu item?

But what’s your exact usage scenario here that you cannot cover with the existing granularity? In five years, I can’t say I’ve ever had a case where these options didn’t work for me. Do you have many, independent projects in the same solution?

It is, yes. Just drag one project onto the other, or onto its “References” node.

(joseasl) #5

Yes, there are independent projects (with common referenced assemblies), but part of the same ecosystem. If they were in separate solutions I’d have to open several VS instances.