Water issue: Water doesnt show everytime the xml-method-signature

Hey again,

as you may have seen, I made a feature-post for water, where I described some wishes from myself, one of that where a new way to Show up XML-method-signatures (reason explained in the corresponding post)

But now I discoverd, that water unfortunately doesnt Always show up the XML-method-signatures

like here:

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I have no idea what this means.

Actually, when you click on a method-call or variable you see this:

and that is missing on some (Methods/variables/types)

you just mean the method signature? where does xml fit in?

Hi carlo,

I have to apologize, it works as expected with the XML-comment Show up, but I could swar, that yesterday evening I clicked on a com-method-call and it showed Nothing…

I clicked on that “SetCooperateLvl” function and the XML didnt show up… :confused:
ok for the Moment, this is solved

Oke but that’s nothing to do with xml (hence the confusion); there’s no xmldoc comments for the windows api.

Carlo, I thought that this is a:


How is this called properly??

the popup is called method completion; what you see there is a method signature.

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