Water issues


I want to post About 2 (potentially again my PC, but lets see…) issues:

  1. Sometimes, I cant really determine when exactly, when I do: (ctrl + z) to go back, I get These:

  1. Pls provide a (ctrl + p) for types also, because I am not Always able to see even the typedeclaration and such when I have a line like that:

     soundBuffer^.Content^.lpVtbl^.mapped_lock(soundBuffer^.Content, chunk, @region1, @region2)
          //the soundBuffer and Content are not seen because of this ginourmous line


  1. is, I believe, an already logged issue, though I didn’t investigate it yet.
  2. Ctrl+D shows you the definition of anything, including types. Ctrl+Shift+D jumps to it.

Unfortunately, tuples are not shown correctly :confused:

TSample = tuple of (Word, Word); //and not a ^Word!

Gonna need a full testcase.


Thanks, logged as bugs://80569

bugs://80569 got closed with status fixed.