Water love

While we’re all sharing the love… is there a list of love planed for Water ?
A couple of simple things off the top of my head:

  • Edit multiple files at the same time (eg tabbed)
  • Allow ‘scrolling’ whilst selecting text with mouse
  • Allow Watches to be separate window (be nice for messages, errors etc as well)
  • Bookmarks
  • Plugin API
  • Visual designer along with an awesome UI framework (ok too much…)

For the Visual, I think what we need is a MVVM like solution that can work Cross-Platform. Maybe with a simple ap­proach for a basic Design.
I have no Idea for Windows, and Linux native at Moment.

I was playing a little bit with the new SwiftUi on Mac, like it!!!
The Idea behind is amazing!

There’s a long list ion love planned for Fire/Water, but with the exception of #2, which I really should look at fixing soon (but it’s not trivial), none of the other items are high on the list.

It’s a conscious design decision for Fire/Water to not have to maintain tabs and manage a mental model of “open” files. all files in your project are open at the same time.

I’m happy to entertain additional ideas for making navigation between files even better (like the Recents tab I recently added), but Tabs are not the right approach (for Water’s design paradigm).

Not planned no.

I’d be happy to add these if I/we can come top with a clean design. who do you see these working, roughly?

Not currently planned. It’s been a core decision when I started out to write Fire to not create any “IDE operating system”, like VS or IntelliJ or many other modern IDEs, because that way lies bloat and slowness and waiting 30 seconds for you IDE to start up.

I would entertain specific concrete extension points, if you have concrete suggestions/ideas.

Yep, that’s in our long-term plans, but note that I used italics and bold on the word “long”; we’re not even at the drawing board state for “EForms”. But we’ll get there eventually — hopefully within 2020. :wink:



I would add this as another node to History, so top node History, and another root level node Bookmarks and rename this tab to Navigation

Delphi method is not too bad but not compatible shortcut wise. VS bookmark shortcuts are just stupid. Resharper method could work.

What about Ctrl ` to add/remove a bookmark. Just add them in order in next available bookmark slot. I think you could get away with 10 else they become ‘non shortcut’ bookmarks.

To go to a book mark…
I would reorganize the existing Ctrl Shift 1/2/3 so you can access the bookmarks by number

Ctrl ` to add/remove (in code editor)
Ctrl Shift ’ to open History/Bookmarks tab and select Bookmarks root node . You can then arrow up/down and enter to go to a bookmark
Ctrl Shift 0 to 9 to go to a specific bookmark (order as per keyboard 1234567890)

The existing Shift 1, 2 etc is a little annoying as it selects the tab but doesn’t focus it… again debatable point but I thing if you are selecting a tab you probably what to select it and enter takes to to the file ( the old selected node vs focus node)

Right click popup menu to manually delete etc

Be nice to show file name , line#, and line of code in bookmark tree node

Highlight in editor bookmark number (or non number if more than 10) in next to gutter (existing space between line number and were code starts)

In VS the bookmark is a specific line number (not line of code) . Debatable choice. I would manage as you do breakpoints.

If you really want to you code add another root node for breakpoints rather than the pop window (Alt Shift B)


. file1.pas
. file2.pas

1 file1.pas 123 this is some code
2 file1.pas 234 so awesome code here

. file1.pas 345 smelly code
. file2.pas 456 more smelly code

I think this could work nicely :slight_smile:


Thanks, logged as bugs://83020

Did some work on Bookmarks over the week (nothing visible in 2427 yet, but a lot of the base infrastructure), but I’m not happy with any of the actual interaction (setting bookmarks and navigating between, without interfering with the existing navigation and shortcut system), so this’ll be on the drawing board for a wile longer as I sleep on how to best expose this.