Water - weird issue adding files to project

My solution contains 7 projects and I’ve been working with it in Water (and in Fire at times) for awhile. However, since Yesterday, if I add a file to a project (whether it’s a new or existing file), the project file tree does not update and I have to close and reopen my solution for the added file to show up.

Any ideas? I deleted the Water cache file for the solution but it didn’t change anything.

So the project itself updates fine, it’s just a display issue that it doesn’t show in the tree? will try to repro and investigate, thanx.


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FYI, getting the same behaviour when I delete a file from any of the projects in this solution.

Makes sense, yeah, probably the same issue — the tree doesn’t properly refresh on changes. High on my list to look at, but didn’t make it for 2289 unfortunately.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://80240

bugs://80240 got closed with status fixed.