Web requests from web assemblies

I was wondering if it was possible to make web requests from within web assemblies ?

I was looking at the Island source code and there is this

I was also looking at the documentation on the docs website and it has ServiceWorker


Is that the same as this ?

Where is a good place to look for examples ?


I’m afraid I have to leave that for Carlo or Diego on Monday :(. I don’t know much about this afea, myself

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No, it this one: XMLHttpRequest - Web APIs | MDN (mozilla.org)

usage: Using XMLHttpRequest - Web APIs | MDN (mozilla.org)

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Theo is right, that’s the best and easiest to use for doing web request.

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You can use as:

var l := Browser.NewXMLHttpRequest as dynamic;
l.addEventListener(“load”, new WebAssemblyDelegate(() → begin WebAssembly.Global.alert(l.responseText); end));
l.open(“GET”, “/urlToGet”);

In future builds we will update the imported methods for XmlHttpRequest and will be easier to use (CC friendly, …)


We updated DOM translation of XMLHttpRequest, using next public release you can use it this way:

var la := Browser.NewXMLHttpRequest;
la.onload := new WebAssemblyDelegate(() → begin WebAssembly.Global.alert(la.responseText); WebAssembly.Global.alert(la.responseURL); end);
la.open(“GET”, “/urlToGet”);

The big advantage is you have now code completion help for all XMLHttpRequest members.