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(Oliver Townshend) #1

Its a long time since I’ve used RO. I’m now developing a project, which will, in part, be a gateway to hundreds of web services, APIs etc. Which I want to present through a more consistent interface. I have a lot of experience with SOAP up to this point, but I suspect that the I need to present both SOAP and REST services (or something like that) at the other end so that users can pick up information easily, and so that PowerApps can easily be built (since it appears to want REST, and I don’t really want to put layers over SOAP).

When I look at RO, I’m not sure that it can do everything I want. I think I was imaging it had features that aren’t really there. While I appreciate that RO has facilities to hook up to a lot of different platforms, without need to have a SOAP or REST interface, I would also like to be able to do that.

Am I looking at the right tool? Or do I need to look elsewhere?

(antonk) #2


Which exactly features do you miss?