Werid Issue: TRONamedPipeChannel not created

I have a TDataModule like this:

In this DataModule’s OnCreate event, I can see that BinMsg has been created, but NamedPipeChannel always nil, hence I have to manually create it inside OnCreate event, like below:

OnDataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);
  if not Assigned(NamedPipeChannel) then
    NamedPipeChannel := TRONamedPipeChannel.Create(Self);

Shouldn’t NamedPipeChannel be created already at the time of OnCreate event?

Turns out this issue (a bug, actually) is related to this case:
A bug with TRONamedPipeChannel - Remoting SDK - RemObjects Talk

A separate bug, noti fixed by the change for the other issue?

Actually, it is fixed by the change for the other issue.

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