What is the best choice of HTTP server and client for Windows Only System


With so many choices, I wonder what is the best option of server and client for this scenario:

system (the server and the app written in Delphi).

The server running on windows server, and the clients windows 8 and above.

Around 1000 clients making calls between 3 and 10 seconds.

With the system working now on DELPHI REST HTTP DATASNAP, count a maximum concurrence of 25 clients at a time with an average around of 7 clients the rest of time)

All the procedures/functions receive 1 string param, and the result is always a string also.

We are about ready to start a conversion from datasnap to remobjects.

Thanks for any advice.


In mainly depends on your environment. The same combinations of server/channel can show different behavior in different cases.

Try co check these combinations with your project:

ROWinHttpServer.Server.ThreadCnt := x; // x can have value of 1 - 256

in general we have 5 servers and 5 clients channels that support http: HTTP Channel

these pages can be useful:

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