What references to add for crossplatform ISLAND

I am looking for cross-platform (Windows and Linux, x86_64 architecture) for Island, and Island ONLY

What references should I use?


What else? Should I include Elements.fx?

Those are the bare minimum

only if you want to use Elements RTL.

Thank you. Is rtl.fx crossplatform (Windows and Linux)? Or some methods on Windows rtl.fx are not available on Linux rtl.fx? Any caveats should I be aware of?

I just want to double check and confirm - because I used quite a few methods from rtl.fx.

rtl.fx is our import of the the platform header files and APIs: Win32, libc, etc. I expect them to have some overlap for general “C” functions (think malloc level), but other than that they will be very different between Windows and Unix (Linux/Darwin). Think CreateWindowEx, etc.

Island.fx is Island RTL, our higher level library, with Object, String, and friends. it will virtually identical between all Island platforms. It is also loosely modeled after .NET, API style wise.

Elements.fx finally is the optional Elements RTL, that provides many classes and APIs that will; be identical on all Elements platforms (subject to availability; i.e. no disk access in WebAssembly; no process launching on iOS, etc)

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So I should use Island RTL as MUCH as possible, right? Is it solely in RemObjects.Elements.System namespace?

Yes. you can use RemObjects.Elements.System or System as namespace prefix when you need to (both map to the same (the latter is an alias, for easier sharing with .NET). it’s in scope by default, so no need to add it to the using.

If you’re thinking of ever going beyond Island (or just like the IMHO slightly richer APIs), consider using Elements.fx and the types in RemObjects.Elements.RTL as much as you can, instead. That code will seamlessly port to .NET, Cocoa and Java then too.


Got it. Thank you.

I will limit my development to Island (non plan for .NET). In my opinion, Island(/Oxygene) provides a fairly good alternative than C for those “neat” programmers like me. :slight_smile:

Thank you again.

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Happy to hear that.