What to use for RDBMS?


(mamcx) #1

I need to access both sqlite (iOS, Android) & postgres (API server). It share most of the models and logic, but then what I can use for actually talk to the databases?

I could put everything on top of .NET and use ado but for that I could use xamarin instead. To stay as close to swift, what can be used?

(marc hoffman) #2

I’ve got a new SQLite3 cross-platform wrapper based on. Elements RTL in the works, currently Cocoa and .NET only though. I can give you github access, what’s your account over there? If you are looking for client-server data access, I suggest looking at Data Abstract (http://dataabstract.com/), it’s a good solution for save and secure over-the-network db access, and supports iOS and Java/Android for a wide range of database systems.


(marc hoffman) #3

(mamcx) #4

I revisit this because I noted this requiere the trial version for Oxygene. Also I see the sugar library (https://github.com/remobjects/sugar) but how reference it?