When evaluating script only SyntaxError is shown

I found where problem is, you registered part from this issue under #60480.
Problem is in DefaultObjects.pas, row: 204

RaiseNativeError(NativeErrorType.SyntaxError, el.IntToString());

I did some changes into Parser.pas to be able to do

RaiseNativeError(NativeErrorType.SyntaxError, el.ToString());

Also I publish method InnerCompile,
which parse and compile script into InternalDelegate,
this delegate can be reused many times in some scenarios like this:

var script = " … ";
var esc = new EcmaScriptComponent();
InternalDelegate jsCompiled = esc.GlobalObject.InnerCompile(/aStrict/false, script);

for(int i = 0, l =10, i < l; i++)
esc.GlobalObject.InnerEval(/aStrict/false, jsCompiled);

I you want to merge it into trunk


Thank you for the suggestion. The Script for .NET has been updated