WhereExpression with SQL DatePart


We make a lot of use of WhereExpression with DataSets, for example:

WhereExpression oWhere = new BinaryExpression(new FieldExpression(“IsActive”), DateTime.Today, BinaryOperator.Equal);

Is it possible to do the following with a WhereExpression (or TableRequestInfoV6)? :
SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE DATEPART(DAY, DayOfBirth) = @Day AND DATEPART(MONTH, DayOfBirth) = @Month

With other words, a where clause on parts of a DateTime column?

Thank you.


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. I will log an issue to investigate if it is possible to extend the DynamicWhere feature to support current datetime access and datepart expressions.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85067


Thank you for investigating.

bugs://85067 got closed with status fixed.