Which components to use for JS file download?

I have a Delphi server that I can obtain files from, for which I use the ROBinaryMemoryStream when I’m using a Delphi client, but what would be the correct choice for javascript, as that’s not an option? I’ve got a basic js client working now, but want to request a PDF file (it’s actually a report, created by reportbuilder by the server) to show in the browser. Is it as simple as using a json message (I’m currently using bin message) and if so, is there any sample of such for me to look at?


As I understand, the main issue that you can’t specify content type for received file?

these are several ways how to specify content type.

  • use GetDispatchInfo. here you can set aTransport.ContentType for specific method:
if aMessage.MessageName = 'GetReport' then 
  (aTransport as IROHTTPTransport).ContentType := id_ContentType_application_pdf;
aResponse.ContentType := id_ContentType_application_pdf;
RegisterContentTypeForExtension('.pdf', id_ContentType_application_pdf);
  [ROCustom('HttpApiPath', 'test')]
  function TestMethod(): Binary;
function TMyService.TestMethod(): Binary;
  Result := TROHttpApiResult.Create(HTTP_200_code, id_ContentType_application_pdf,'report.pdf',false);

Thanks Eugene, I will investigate those suggestions. Actually, the main issue is this is the first time I’ve used JavaScript, so it’s all a new fun learning curve :grinning:

As an aside, is the only way to get any DA updates for JS by downloading the windows installer? Just checking as I’m developing on a Mac but boot up a windows vm, just to install to then grab the script file.


We ship Data Abstract for JavaScript as a windows installer only.