Why does Oxfuscator store complete paths to referenced modules?

(brian thomas) #1

Two problems:

(1) I created an Oxfuscation step that references two .NET 2.0 assemblies. Both these assemblies contain interfaces and methods that I want to exclude from the Oxfuscation process. So I cleared their checkboxes on Exclusion tab.

I saved the Oxfuscation.oxfuscator file, and checked it into subversion and started the autobuild.

The new check-in broke the autobuild, because when I develop on my machine I develop in C:\trunk, but on the autobuild machine, the build happens in C:\auto. Within the .oxfuscator file, the paths to the referenced assemblies are stored as complete paths rather than relative paths.

The only way I could get the autobuild to work was by hand-editing the .oxfuscator file, changing the complete paths into relative paths.

(2) The settings are stored within a CDATA block in the .oxfuscator file. If I reopen the .oxfuscator file within VS using different Configuration or Platform to the ones in force when I saved the file then all the interfaces and methods I’d marked earlier are forgotten, and I have to apply them again.

(viktoriad) #2

Hello Brian,

Thank you for the report. The issue is logged (# 48376).

Best regards.