Window size not restored

When I quit Fire, I always have to resize my window.
Just a little bit annoying :wink:

Hmm, odd, i don’t have that here. DO open projects restore, just with the wring size? or do you have to manually reopen them and *then * they are wrong?


It looks like they open in default window size.

  1. Start Fire
  2. Choose “Open Existing Project”
  3. No size restore, just default window size
  4. Resize Window
  5. Close Fire
  6. Goto 1

I assume you have “Close Windows when quitting an app” enabled?

Confirmed this happens for non-fullscreen Windows, with that option on. I will investigate whats going on, as the system is *supposed * to handle this automatically…

Logged as bugs://E26453.

Yes, you’re right. It’s enabled :+1: