Windows Installer options

Hello is there a list of Elements Windows Installer commandline options ?
I see the installer is InnoSetup based so there are some general opts: Inno Setup Help (
But i need to know the component names possible to set for /COMPONENTS opt
to customize the automated installation like this.

Is there any option to register the installation to your licence server during the installation process ? Currently we have to manually download licence and distribute it over intranet file system which is a security issue. We dont want do distribute the elements account credentials as well.

Thank you.


these are the component names. i’ll see if i can document those on the docs website

Name: cmdline;                Description: Elements Compiler;	
Name: platforms;    	   	  Description: Platforms;		
Name: platforms\echoes;    	  Description: .NET platform support;
Name: platforms\toffee;    	  Description: Cocoa platform support;	
Name: platforms\cooper;    	  Description: Java platform support
Name: platforms\island;    	  Description: Island platforms support;	
Name: water; 				  Description: Water; 
Name: vs;        Description: Visual Studio Integration;                
Name: vs\vs17;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2022;
Name: vs\vs16;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2019;
Name: vs\vs15;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2017;
Name: vs\help;   Description: Integrated Help;                          

You can do that with the Everwood.exe tool. Note that you will of course have to provide the login information with your script, somehow.



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I’ve just checked Custom Installation Components within the version:
I chose opts: /COMPONENTS=“cmdline,platforms\echoes,*vs,!vs\help” , which i expect to be enough for the purpose: compiling pascal language to .NET (Echoes) inside Visual Studio 2022 and MSBUILD.

But as a result, I cant see RemObjects Projects Template available inside Visual Studio (create new project wizard). Building and reading existing projects works correctly.
I had to Opt-in all platforms to make the Visual Studio Project Types available. Is this the correct behavior ?

this is not on purpose, no. TBH I;'m not very familiar with the command line syntax for InnoSetup, i assume *vs means all vs\*, but ! then excludes vs\help? Do yu see the same behavior if ou run the visual installer, and de-select a platform, but keep VS selected?

i don’t see the templates being tied to any platforms\xxx options, in the installer script so you should always get all templates (even those for platforms you don’t install; exluding a platform mainly includes the (sometimes large, especially for Island) set of reference libraries)…

Yes, your assumption is correct.
When i open the visual installer after CMD installation, platforms installed are properly marked hence i assume, the syntax is corrert.
Just now i comfirmed, the visual process instalation result is the same. With the only echoes platform selected, there is Version 1.0 Elements Templates Extension installed and the templates are not avaliable in the wizard. With the other platforms installed, there is a version 2.0. and templates are available.

Could you please try to do next steps.

  1. Remove the ComponentCache folder (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\17.0_4d909f79\ComponentModelCache)
  2. Make sure you have the Elements templates extension files installed for you VS (check that this VS folder exist C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community\Common7\IDE\Extensions\RemObjects Software\RemObjects Elements Templates)
  3. If the templates extension folder exists and you still don’t see any Elements templates in your VS installation, try to open any existing Oxygene project in VS.
  4. If the project is opened with no errors try to invoke Add new item on it and see if there are any Oxygene item templates available there.
    Best regards.


  1. cleared
  2. folder exists. btw extension manifest says this
<Identity Id="d77c84be-afcc-4a10-ac8f-56fdb50105d4" Version="1.0" Language="en-US" Publisher="RemObjects Software" />
    <DisplayName>RemObjects Elements Templates</DisplayName>
    <Description xml:space="preserve">RemObjects Elements project and item templates</Description>
  1. I cant see the temaplates
  2. I can open existing projects and run them correctly

In the addition, after step 1 the extension appeared in extension Manager as “Disabled”. Then as a step 5 iv enabled id manually, restarted VS and then the templats appeared in the project creation dialog.

Hello. I think what you experienced here is a bug in VS templates that we are aware of. Sometime VS doesn’t recreate templates tree until the project is opened and a customer tries to add an item template.