Windows Installer options

Hello is there a list of Elements Windows Installer commandline options ?
I see the installer is InnoSetup based so there are some general opts: Inno Setup Help (
But i need to know the component names possible to set for /COMPONENTS opt
to customize the automated installation like this.

Is there any option to register the installation to your licence server during the installation process ? Currently we have to manually download licence and distribute it over intranet file system which is a security issue. We dont want do distribute the elements account credentials as well.

Thank you.


these are the component names. i’ll see if i can document those on the docs website

Name: cmdline;                Description: Elements Compiler;	
Name: platforms;    	   	  Description: Platforms;		
Name: platforms\echoes;    	  Description: .NET platform support;
Name: platforms\toffee;    	  Description: Cocoa platform support;	
Name: platforms\cooper;    	  Description: Java platform support
Name: platforms\island;    	  Description: Island platforms support;	
Name: water; 				  Description: Water; 
Name: vs;        Description: Visual Studio Integration;                
Name: vs\vs17;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2022;
Name: vs\vs16;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2019;
Name: vs\vs15;   Description: Integrate with Visual Studio 2017;
Name: vs\help;   Description: Integrated Help;                          

You can do that with the Everwood.exe tool. Note that you will of course have to provide the login information with your script, somehow.



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