Windows Universal using Silver and Visual Studio


(Mubaris NK) #1


I just installed RemObjects Elements with Water with a lot of excitement. I was hoping to build UWP Apps using Silver (Swift). But I don’t see any template option in Visual Studio 2017. However, I can build UWP using Visual C#. I use Windows 10. Is there something I can do to build Windows UWP apps using Silver?

PS :- There’s no template for Windows Universal in Water IDE as well.

(marc hoffman) #2


I believe UWP support right now is still restricted to Visual Studio 2015, due to breaking changes in 2017. I’ll check with the team what the status is and when we can bring this into 2017. is using VS2015 an option for you, in the mean time?


(Mubaris NK) #3

Thank you. I’ll try VS2015