WinForms app stays in memory after connecting to Remoting SDK Server


I think something iss wrong after utilizing a remoting sdk server because our winforms app stays in memory after closing it, only when we connected to a Remoting SDK Code First server.

I’ve attached an example. Start the Service, then start the WinForms app and click the button. After closing the winforms app, it stays in memory. After closing the server down, the winforms app keeps throwing an SocketException. So it’s like it keeps trying to connect… (76.4 KB)
Thanks for helping me out.


This happens because WinForms app for some reason do not stop a timer used by the SuperHttp client channel.
In general it is recommended to explicitly close client -> server connections on application exit.

However anyway this is a bug. Please drop a mail to support with your account name and we’ll provide you a personal build once the fix is available (so you won’t have to wait until the next Beta release)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hello @antonk,

No problem.
Thank you for looking into it. I’ll send you the mail today.