Winforms visual plugin 'Host' is null

Hydra version : (purchased)
Plugin created in c# .net framework 4.7.2
Tested using both c# and Delphi 7 host.

Winforms Plugin created as per documentation with custom interface inherited from IHYCrossPlatformInterface

Visual plugin loads correctly into both D7 host and .net host.
The RemObjects.Hydra.CrossPlatform.IHYCrossPlatformHost in the plugin is always Null.

Tried creating a WPF host and the Host is correctly populated in the plugin and interface methods can be called.


Could you provide a testcase for this behavior?
We have tested it with host + WinForm and WPF plugins from the Hydra samples. The HostChanged event is raised for both plugin kinds (WinForm and WPF) and seem to provide correct Host values: non-null Host reference value when the plugin is mounted and NULL value when the plugin is unmounted from the host panel.


With the winforms plugin we found we were trying to access the Host too early in the process of the plugin being loaded.

We now use the OnParentChanged event to get an instance of the host and this works correctly.

Thank you