Wizard: new client and new custom DA Server finishes with incorrect schema and no tables in clientdatamodule

Had to use this wizard again, making a selection of tables, views and stored procedures, but the clientdatamodule has no tables and the schema in DataService_Impl.pas is incomplete.

Tried again and again just as a test and it looks like the more items I select the higher the chance to fail.
Tried on both Windows PC / Windows 11 and on Windows 11 ARM

Other problems today
Windows 11 ARM: An older version of the project group crashes the IDE now (the server part).
Windows PC: Using the wizard it always says now “Connection was terminated on timeout” although
it’s working in schema modeler. ODBC Source test is successful too.

Any ideas ?


I assume you are using Delphi.

You can adjust server-side schema in Schema Modeler after wizard is finished.
launch server and recreate client-side tables from TDARemoteDataAdapter component

Just thought wizard would be helpfull adding items to clientdatamodule which can be tedious work if done manually for 100 and more items. Ok, I know you do it only once.

Nevertheless just got this error right after finishing the wizard
Error: ServerSchema was not processed due to internal exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein. Parametername: s bei System.IO.StringReader…ctor(String s) bei System.Xml.XmlDocument.Loa…


is it Delphi or .NET ?

I only do Delphi now


This is error in wizard. ignore it for now.

do these steps:

  • [server-side] edit Schema in Schema Modeler
  • launch server app
  • create tables on client-side with RDA

will be everything ok after these steps?

Had to reinstall DA Server package but it fails. It’s a strange day today with so many failures.

Logs attached
Dataabstract_log.zip (40.3 KB)


use workaround from Data Abstract with Delphi 11.2 on Windows 11 ARM (Mac / Parallels) - #4 by EvgenyK

Ok, that worked.

This installation is on a Windows PC not Windows 11 ARM where this error was first encountered.


I am working now on 2 default schemas for custom DA Server

  1. with FireDAC connection which needs the “DBA.” prefix for tables
  2. with SQLAnywhere.NET connection without prefix

Second schould be much more performant, but I’m afraid of errors about data migration (had few before).
With those schemas at hand everything can be testet.