Work In


It looks to me as though work in doesn’t take into account which targets I have enabled ?

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 11.37.44 PM

In the screenshot I have 2 targets but only Toffee is enabled. Would it be possible to for it to work it out based on this ? Its still asking if I want to use Island


Hmm. these are unrelated concepts to the IDE, since it would be perfectly valid to want to work in a target that’s not currently enabled, or have more (or no) targets enabled?

I guess what I could do is if you have no work in target selected yet for a file, and only one is enabled, to guess that one the first time you invoke CC. How does that sound?

What would you be doing with no targets enabled ? It looks like its building references but not doing anything else ?

i’m just saying, it’s to separate concepts. I often work in projects that are disabled. (say coz I dont want them rebuild now as part of my current work, but still wanna make a tweak.

Enabled/Disabled affects only the build.

Not sure I understand.