WPF Crossword display

(Bob Russell) #1

After some time away (on a hi priority Delphi project), I’m continuing my journey with WPF! I have been challenged to produce a crossword making application. I’m ok with all the logic, but not sure what to use for the main crossword display - I have the DevExpress WPF suite. I don’t want to get into data grid stuff. Each cell must be editable - either “black” or “white” and if white contain a letter and (possibly) a clue number. I could set up a matrix of individual layout controls, but wondered if there was a “better” way?
I’m sure this must have been done before, so if any of you pros out there have an idle(!) moment to ponder this, I’d be grateful for any thoughts,

Bob Russell

(marc hoffman) #2

I would use probably just a plain <Grid> layout control, with a custom control in each of the cells for. The custom control would could just be a combination of 3 controls (a black square and two labels for the letter or the clue number), which would get shown/hidden depending on the state.

(Bob Russell) #3

Thanks. That was my thought too. I’ll see if we get any more esoteric suggestions!