'write' not flushed to stdout?

This is something I’ve noticed for quite a while - when using write, nothing gets output to the inline-console, but does when Run w/o debugging and outputting to the external console. The in-line console buffer can, of course, be flushed with a subsequent method such as writeLn for it to show up in the in-line console:

write("Goodbye, world");

I’m submitting to Rosetta Code on this topic: Hello world/NewLine Omission. I just wanted to be sure this is the expected behavior for the IDE. :upside_down_face:

Not expected, no. this sounds lie an issue for the debugger… @elenap?

Which platform?

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It occurs in both Fire and Water IDE’s.

Thanx for confirming that. What target platform? .NET? native?

I was using .Net

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Here you can see me stepping through the array and nothing shows up until we hit writeLn :nerd_face:

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I believed you :wink:

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And here’s the output I might expect :upside_down_face:

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