WSDL, Service with Certificate, Unspecified certificate from client

Im trying to create RO service which will consume another service (SOAP) created with WSDL which needs Certificate.
How I wanted it to work:

Clients <-RO Combo RODL Service(uses certificates for SOAP >) <-SOAP Service WITH Certificate

The problem is in THTTPTRIO(parameter for creating SOAP client instance) i think, since im only able to choose certificate from user store and as i know Service will consume certificate on local machine.

Im getting error ENetHTTPCertificateException"Unspecified certificate from client" while trying to execute SOAP method inside RO service.


can you send some simple testcase to support@, pls?

Problem was solved in earlier version of Delphi, since they made public fields to edit like SerialNumber for certificate.

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