WWDC 2018 and You

(RemObjects) #1

While my friend and colleague Peter has got an excellent general recap of WWDC2018 for you, I wanted to briefly touch on the aspects of what was announced on Monday that might matter to you as a user of our products.

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(JohnMoshakis) #2

Re: The Swift ABI compatibility. Will it also be possible to consume swift code in Oxygene like you can with Objc ?

A while back I tried a framework written in Swift with Oxygene and wasn’t successful.

(marc hoffman) #3

Ideally, you’d be able to just reference an Apple-Swift-built library, yea (probably even without import, if the metadata use usable. We’ll see once it gets there…)

Indeed, because Apple Swift does not compile to Objective-C classes but to it’s own “meta” platform. Unlike all the Elements languages (including our Swift), that compile to native ObjC Runtime classes.