Xcode 12.3 - Framework is not supported

Just updated to Xcode 12.3 from 12.2. I am now getting a “This Framework is not supported” error.

Even though we have a current license, we are still using the DataAbstract 9 library. Have not done updates yet for DataAbstract.

Is this possibly something we are doing incorrect or is there some Apple requirement change based on the Xcode 12.3 that we need to be aware of.

May not be giving you enough information, but thanks ahead of time.

This is a pure Xcode SwiftUI project on our side. Was working perfectly under 12.2.

Bill Brittain

I;'m not aware of anything, and have never seen this message before, TBH. Can you try what happens if you update to latest? Even if you dont want to switch your production over yet (you should), that might give us an indication on what the issue is.

it could simply be that Xcode 12.3 no longer supports frameworks but against a certain older version of the SDKs, and 9.x is a few years old, after all…


Updated to the DataAbstract Version 10 and that now compiles with no problem.

I am thinking that it must have been the XCFramework requirement that I found while researching what may be incorrect. Apple started enforcing the XCFramework requirement in Xcode 12.3. So instead of a warning it is now an error.

Otherwise, I am not sure what was causing the problem with Version 9.

Thanks for taking a look.
Bill Brittain

Ah, interesting to know!

This may be my situation also? I need to submit a new app to the iOS app store for an existing now “deleted” app for a former employer, and it’s built against DA 9, do I need to get DA 10 to build and link in XCode 12?

Probably, yes. In general, I recommend always using the latest RO/DA — especially for networked code its important to stay up to date with latest, for security. DA9 is getting old :slight_smile: