Xcode 12.5 - Problem when creating an Archive file

We are having a problem creating an Archive file within Xcode 12.5 using DataAbstract 10. Project compiles to simulator and to devices fine but we ran into an error when creating an Archive that we need for a MDM deployment.

The error is shown in the image below. Any ideas about a quick fix for what we may not be doing that causes this. Hopefully a simple adjustment in the project. We get this on both our Intel and M1 machines.


Hmm, is this with the latest DA? I believe we ship binaries with bitcode, for a while now.

Looking at DataAbstract folder, the dates are November, 2020. DataAbstract 10.

We pick the xcframeworks for both RO and DA and choose only the xcframework files. Is that what should occur when choosing the frameworks for a project?

On the Build Phase tab.

Need to get an answer on this. Just point us to where in documentation it explains the proper Xcode framework setup for DataAbstract and we will figure it out ourselves.

Yes, that should be the best/proper solutions. Those .xcframeworks are built with bitcode enabled.


We still have not determined how to get an Archive. The version of DataAbstract we are using is If I need to send you this project, we will gladly do so. Xcode 12.

In our project, we added the framework in this way. For this example, we even copied the RemObjects files into a folder in the project so we if we need to - we can send to you.

  1. Clicked on the Add framework button. Adding the RemObjects xcframework. Already added the DataAbstract xcframework. Add Other Files.

  1. We then choose the RemObjects 10 || DataAbstract || Binaries || Xcode || Release folder for the framework files.

  1. Then we choose the individual xcframework files.

  1. And that is it.

  1. This is what is showing in the Build Settings. Looks all correct.

If you could, that;'d be great. I will have a look later today or tomorrow.

Sent you an email with the zip link to support@remobjects.com. Thank you.

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Side question, while I investigate this: why do you reference several copies of the frameworks?


I believe I have this fixed for vNext.

workaround until there is a new build, add a custom build setting to the framework projects, BITCODE_GENERATION_MODE, and set its value to bitcode. then rebuilt.

I’m running a new full build now, will retest with that, and send it to you if all works, later today.

Alternatively, of course — if tats an option — you can just turn off Enable Bitcode for your project, for now.

Very good question. We tried several different scenarios of which xcframeworks chosen. Pick from within DataAbstract and or pick RO from Remoting. Xcode left the remnants of the old picks.

Yep, I notice the same as I retest this now.

anyways, confirmed fixed; your project now archives ok with the .xcframeworks from /Volumes/RemObjects Data Abstract for Cocoa I’ve uploaded the new build to your Personal Downloads folder.


You are a genius. Success. Thank you.

Happy to hear!