Xcode 15.3 , Xcode 15.2 target version set to 12 , SKD version 17.2 or 17.4 can't upload to AppStore

I upgraded XCode to 15.3 , downgraded to 15.2 (people wrote that it is solution) and still have the same problem with uploading my simple app (without any dependencies only libElements) to AppStore.
Building in Fire using XCode 15.3 and XCode 15.2 is successfull but using Transporter and veryfication I got 2 problems :

Asset validation failed (90208)
Invalid Bundle. The bundle App1.app does not support the minimum OS Version specified in the Info.plist. (ID: 6857e566-9527-4cbb-8809-dc335fe4e51f)

Asset validation failed (90725)
SDK version issue. This app was built with the iOS 12.0 SDK. All iOS and iPadOS apps must be built with the iOS 17 SDK or later, included in Xcode 15 or later, in order to be uploaded to App Store Connect or submitted for distribution. (ID: da4b4452-0120-4b5e-95ea-a9596db4265d)

And now I will show you settings (if changed target to 12 or 13) these 2 errors occured. When I set target to Higher 17+ i can upload to appstore (Apple from April requires building with version 17 + not minimal target to 17). Before 29 April and wtih XCode 14 i uploaded my apk without any problem. I checked info.plist and MinimumOSVersion is set correct.
Working settings in simple app

Target is empty so as I understand the last one is taking under consideration (Info.plist has 17+)
But when I set here 12 or 13 (for XCode 15.3 and 15.2 min target is 12) i can’t upload it :frowning:

Can’t I set target lower than 17 ???
Maybe someone can help me with this annoying issue ?
Maybe some switch is needed in XCode 15.x ??

@mh did you test any simple app on new XCode or maybe you have some practical solution … I made changes in my app and can’t upload it …?

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I’ve seen this one too, in the past. make sure the minimum sdk version set in Info.plist matches whats set as Deployment Target.

Pretty self-explanatory. Apple no omega access app build against older SDKs, you always have to use the latest(ish). Use Deployment Target SDK to set the lowest version of the OS that yu all your app to run on (eg build with “iOS 17.0” Target SDK, but a Deployment Target of “iOS 12.0”).

(Sorry, had to run out unexpectedly; will handle the second half later. It you’re definitely missing the deployment target, in your screenshot, which explains the first error.

Info.plist from compiled apk.

If I left empty I can upload… minimumOSVersion is set to the last ONE in info.plist by default … maybe you have some default… errors are only when I set target to 12 or 13

Marc Summary of :
1.Target is empty in Info.plist version is set to the last one for example 17.2
Can upload to appstore without any problems
2.Target is set to 12 or 13 never mind in info.plist version is correct
I Can’t upload to appstore

In Xcode 14… I had the same settings…

One more info : I made empty simple app with the same name in XCODE and set deployment target to 13 and app is verified and send without any problems… Info.plist is similar has MinimumOSVersion 13… maybe is any switch in compilation, packaging …:frowning:
I don’t know …
Screen info.plist left from XCODE right from Fire

As i wrote APK from XCODE can upload - from FIRE not - can upload if i set target sdk to 17.+ maybe here is a switch in XCODE 15.x.



Can you first send me complete Diagnostic level Rebuild log, and THEN try setting the target SDK to '17.0" explicitly rather than just “iOS”. though that shouldn’t matter/

Problem is only when I set target lower than 17.+ You can set it and try …problem with uploading to appstore
I want to set target to 12 build SDK 17 as is required …

Log after rebuild.

log.txt (48.8 KB)

D:               - <DeploymentTargetVersion-Device = 12.0 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>
D:               - <DeploymentTargetVersion-Simulator = 12.0 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>
D:               - <SDK-Simulator = iOS 17.2 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>
D:               - <SDKVersion = 17.2 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>
D:               - <SDKVersion-Device = 17.2 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>
D:               - <SDKVersion-Simulator = 17.2 [Target: Toffee-iOS]>

That looks good, indeed. With the build you get the FIRST error message, right?

Asset validation failed (90208)
Invalid Bundle. The bundle App1.app does not support the minimum OS Version specified in the Info.plist. (ID: 6857e566-9527-4cbb-8809-dc335fe4e51f)

Can you send me (PM is fine) the .app bundle and/or .ipa

Precision matters here. The problem is when you set a lower DEPLOYMENT TARGET, correct?

Yes deployment target

I sent you PM with ipa from Fire (I can’t upload) and ipa from XCODE (i can upload)

Best regards

Both info.plists have


which looks good and what is expected.

But indeed your binary has no deployment target set despite -platform_version iOS 17.2 12.0 being passed to the linker. This syntax is new for Xcode 15.0; I can only assume that Xcode 15.3 once again broke this :(.


I’ll investigate.

Yes , as I wrote info.plist has correct information. This is compiled in xcode 15.2 but xcode 15.3 gave me the same errors as xcode 15.2…
I don’t know how can I help you …

Ah, apparently the switch is supposed to go the other way around now, -platform_version iOS 12.0 17.4. crazy.

Fixed for Friday’s build; I can send you an interim build either later today or tomorrow.

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No comments …this company is crazy …
Please send me version if you can before Friday I will retest it.

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They want to kill all external tools companies …
I lost 2 days on investigation…

Yep. I don’t understand why, because what harm does it to have more options for your platform. But they do.

Marc, haven’t you forgotten about me and the new Fire version for me for retesting ?:grin::smiley: