Xib under pas


I created a project with a viewcontroller and a universal xib. That created versions for the iphone and ipad.

I also created view.pas and added an iphone xib.

For the latter the xib appears as a child of view.pas. Could the same be done for the ~ipad and ~iphone versions so that they also reside under ViewController.pas ?


Thanks, logged as bugs://82178

bugs://E22737 was closed as wont fix.

Thats a bit annoying.

No-one else has cared for three years, and it severely complicates the (already expensive) nesting logic…

Ok :slight_smile: I created a viewcontroller today and was just wishing they xibs has been nested.

I’ll reconsider what I can do. you have a test case handy?

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ViewsTableApp.zip (127.9 KB)


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