Xsd Parser for Elements

Hi all,
because I’m very unhappy with the Xsd Tools I found so far, I have decided to try it for my self :slight_smile: I have not done it myself but found a library for Java that does a really good Job.
I have ported the Library to Elements in more or less a day.
It depends now only on the Rtl2 and should work in all Platforms. Actually only tested with Net/Mono on Windows / Mac

with the help of this library and the Codegen4 I start now to realize a Xsd-Importer and Codegenerator for Elements and of course Delphi.

And not to say, mixing languages in one project is one of the outstanding Power from the Elements - Compiler.


I have updated the project.
All Original Tests with no *.jar dependencies will pass.
changed parts of the source to oxygene because i a old pascal guy, it feels better for me…
the remaining *.java files couldn’t be converted with Oxydicer, don’t now why.
They compiles and runs, so it should be possible :slight_smile:

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very cool!

I can log an issue. was failed, was there an error or was the result just no good?

Nothing Happens. If i do a rightclick on a file and press Convert to Oxygene. Not in the Office now, will look later for a log

Hi Marc,
it simply silently stops if I try to convert from the PopupMenu in the Project-Tree

if I try to paste there is:

Internal error:

System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.Java.JavaOxidizer.VisitTypeReference (RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.TypeReference aType) [0x00124] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.Java.JavaOxidizer.VisitMethod (RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.MethodDefinition aMethod, RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.TypeName aParentType) [0x00686] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.Java.JavaOxidizer.VisitClass (RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.TypeName tr) [0x00798] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.Java.JavaOxidizer.VisitFile (RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.CodeFile aFile) [0x00267] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.Java.JavaOxidizer.Convert (System.String aInput, RemObjects.EBuild.CodeGen4.CGCodeGenerator aTargetCodeGen) [0x000d3] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.OxidizerEditor.Convert (RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.Compiler.CodeCompletionCompiler aCompiler, System.String aCode, RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.OxidizerLanguage aSourceLanguage, RemObjects.Oxygene.CodeGen4.CGLanguage aTargetLanguage) [0x00108] in <869a694ad3fa4f2b9ec0561ad17cc861>:0 
  at (wrapper native-to-managed) RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.OxidizerEditor.Convert(RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.Compiler.CodeCompletionCompiler,string,RemObjects.Oxygene.Oxidizer.OxidizerLanguage,RemObjects.Oxygene.CodeGen4.CGLanguage,System.Exception&)
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Thanks, logged as bugs://83252

bugs://83252 got closed with status fixed.