[70672 Closed] 8.0: Syntax highlighting for Sugar?

(Nick C.) #1

For the past month, I’ve been working on a sizable Sugar contribution using a 30-day trial of Oxygene. That trial just expired, so I was happy to hear that Hydrogene 8.0 (for which I have a license) now supports Sugar without the need for an Oxygene license.

Unfortunately, while I can open and build Sugar just fine with Hydrogene 8.0, I get no syntax highlighting for .pas files, and they open in the plain text editor. Is this expected?

I’m essentially done with my contribution, but I still have to write the unit tests, and I’d rather not do so blindly in plain text. Is it possible to get syntax highlighting for .pas files in Hydrogene, or do I still need an Oxygene license for this? I don’t really want to buy one, since Hydrogene is my primary tool and Sugar was the only reason I initially installed the Oxygene trial. Should I rewrite my Sugar contribution in C#?

Thanks in advance!

8.0: Unable to open Sugar.Tests.sln without Oxygene license
8.0: Unable to open Sugar.Tests.sln without Oxygene license
(marc hoffman) #2

Hm, no that is not expected, that sounds like a bug. What SKU did you install? “RemObjects C#” or the full Elements? this should work in both editions. but just in case, can you try installing the full Elements download (which is available form the trial downloads page, and is the same binary as the licensed version) to see if that fixes the issue?

we’ll of course investigate and fix this.


(Nick C.) #4

Thank you for the quick reply! I had installed Hydrogene 8 only, following an uninstall of Elements 7.

As per your suggestion, I’ve uninstalled Hydrogene 8 and installed the full Elements 8, and the problem’s resolved. However, I’m not sure how representative of reality this is, since the Elements installer forced me to install all three SKUs—I couldn’t clear the Oxygene checkbox; not even for a custom install.

I’m going to do a fresh install of Hydrogene 8 on another computer tomorrow, and I’ll report back.

(Carlo Kok) #5

It looks like a setup issue where it doesn’t install the Oxygene part properly when installing only Hydrogene. Note that you should be fine with the full setup and a Hydrogene license. It won’t ask for an Oxygene license unless you use the Oxygene parts (out of Sugar)

(marc hoffman) #6

FTR, you never eve need to uninstall. you can just install new versions on top.

right, the point of the Elements installer is that it will install both (it should not install Silver though, not unless your system had Silver installed already from an older version?). Really, all three languages are in the same binaries, the only difference would be what templates and samples get installed.

There seems to be a bug in the installer where Oxygene does not get fully registered with VS correctly, when you install C# only. it should be (only samples/templates would not be, effectively “hiding” Oxygene unless y already have a project that you can open). That’s why you can build Sugar, but not get highlighting — something is getting installed incompletely.


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Thanks, logged as bugs://70672: 8.0: Syntax highlighting for Sugar?

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