Build error: Cross box server not connected


(Anashuman Singh) #1

Basically, I was building a SpriteKit application when, I got a build error. When, you open the error, it written something with “Cross box server supports only Mac. You should connect to a cross box server.”. I don’t know what is actually crossbox and what role it has in my project. I am just making a simple game for IOS. What is this problem and how to solve it ?

(marc hoffman) #2


Please refer to for details. Essentially, to build Mac and iOS applications from Windows, a connection to a Mac is needed. CrossBox is our technology that manages this connection so that you can transparently work on your project on Windows, and let Water handle all the details of talking to your Mac and running the appropriate tasks there. explains how to establish this initial connection.


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Well, thanks. You guys have pretty fast and pretty good customer support.

My question is that can we connect to an IOS device without a cross box server, for example, with a USB cable.

Thanks for the response.

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