How do I reduce the size of Remobject Water IDE which is 6-7 GB

I’m very happy to have RemObjects Water on my PC. But, I recently encountered that for making iOS, MacOS, tvOS apps, I’d need to have a Mac as expressed here: Build error: Cross box server not connected

So, I’d need swift only for some experiments here and there. I’m not interested in making .net or other software using swift. So, is there anyway I can reduce the disk consumption, as I have an older machine with low storage. I’d still like to keep RemObjects Water on my machine as it provides a stable way to program in swift on windows, which itself is great. What I want is:

Are there any detachable parts of this software? If yes, please guide me through the process.

What you can do is go into there “Island SDK”, “Toffee SDKs” and “References” subfolders of your Elements install and delete support for platforms you don’t need. Unfortunately, the larges ones are macOS, iOS & Co. But you can delete SDK versions you don’t need, or delete Island SDKs if you’re only using the regular (Toffee) Cocoa projects for macOS and iOS. (see for a bit omg Toffee vs Island).

A future update will allow more granularity for this when installing.

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