Can't see editor etc from old solution/project?

I haven’t opened Fire in a long time, but today I downloaded

I opened an existing solution with an Oxygene project - macOS console. No matter what I select in the sidebar the editor screen doesn’t change - I can’t get to code, help, settings, anything, although the correct source files etc are shown in the sidebar. How do I “resuscitate” this project? (everything works OK if I create a new one from that template).

Separately, that project had been using stuff from Accelerate, and Accelerate.veclib - for various linear algebra operations, but now Fire says those references don’t exist. I forget whether they were always there, or whether I had to do something special to get them. Can you advise?

Thanks in advance.

Curious. Can you zip this project up as is and send it to me? Also, any exception message sin then, try to delete .cache and .user files (with Fire closed)and reopen.

I’d have to know more. how are these referenced? do the referenced files exist?

Well I don’t quite recall but I thought they used to be in the standard Toffee SDK *.fx internal to the Fire package. I know my project was configured to use the internal Elements compiler. To be honest I forget, but I think I used to be able to just go “add reference” and it was available as a standard reference with a checkbox. It isn’t now, for sure. I may have accidentally deleted the references from the version of the project I just zipped up and sent you (while I was playing earlier).

Sure enough, removing the .cache files made things work.

Still have the question about the Accelerate framework, though. If it’s not standard, do you have an example of how I would add it? (It is from Apple).

Did you save it? id love to still see what the bug was :frowning:

Hmm, you’re right, it used to be, but I don’t see it either… I see it’s in the black-list for Header Importer, but i’, not sure why or when it was added :(…

Looks like I blacklisted it for Xcode 12.2. I’ll admit back and see what happens…

Got your PM and can repro the issue. Will investigate.

Cool. So you don’t need those .cache files? (They were still in my trash…)


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Oops, so tis was a nasty one.

A while back, I made the navigation stack more granular, not just per file, but also for lumps inside the same file. As a side effect, I had to disable storing that in the cache to it survived restarts. A few weeks back I finally fixed that, but it turn out. reading an old style navigation stack form the cache messes tings up badly :wink:

I’ve fixed int ow so that it will use a different key for the new format, read and write. Post 2631, unfortunately. The downside is, with the next build everyone will lose the navigatinstwack again, for one relaunch…

Na, they ere in the zip you sent, so all good, I just hadn’t seen the PM yet when i asked for them.

I’m such a troublemaker :wink: I don’t touch Fire for months, then I come back and break stuff…


That’ll be in the next build? (Which one, so I can look for it and test my linear algebra code again?)

Internal .2632 ones, and later

I’m glad you found this!

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